Most of us have been living in a lifestyle where, we use a lot of natural resources than probably the required amount of it or in the either case it so happens than we deplete the natural resources due to our negligence. So, this brings me to the idea of sharing few changes (or steps) in our daily life by which we can have a sustainable living. Sustainable living is nothing but an attempt to reduce the demand for natural resources and hence it’s also called “earth harmony living” or “net zero living.”

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The following are few steps:


Save electricity is often misunderstood as to not use electricity but save electricity means to use electricity when it’s necessary. For example, you can save electricity:

i)By opening the windows and doors during the day to let the natural light enter the room,

ii)By turning off the fans and lights at home when you’re going out,

ii)By replacing the CFL bulbs with LED bulbs.

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LED bulb on black background


In India, plastic waste contributes to 8% of total solid waste, out of which 91% isn’t recyclable. Now, this brings me to a matter of concern and makes me think about the solution to reduce the daily usage of plastic. So, here are few ways by which you can reduce the usage of plastic in our day-to-day activities:

i)When you are going to the local market, try carrying a jute or cloth bag along with you rather than bringing back a plastic cover to home while you return,

ii)Try buying the milk from your locality by carrying a bottle or a bowl along with you while you purchase, rather than buying the packed milk in plastic covers.

white plastic bags with white plastic bags


It often happens that two or more of us going to the same place use our own cars rather than all of us going in one same car, so what happens is that a lot of air pollution is created and a lot of diesel(natural resource)is being wasted. Here, is an idea by which we can carpool:

i)If more than one of us are going to the same office everyday we can carpool by sharing the car with 4 people rather than one individual going in one car.


Nowadays, plethora’s of waste is being generated every day, so in order to reduce waste we must reuse and recycle them. The following are few ideas by which each of us can reduce the waste generated from our house everyday:

i)We can reduce the everyday kitchen waste by reusing the kitchen waste by setting up our compost bins.

ii)We can reduce the plastic waste by recycling the old plastic bottles and old plastic covers.


A lot of trees are being chopped down every day to construct apartments and houses; this way area used for agricultural land is being replaced with commercial land leading to lack of air purification. So, here are few ways by which you can plant trees and help in purifying the air:

i)You can bring in a lot of plants to your home which help in purifying the air as well as add beauty to your house.

ii)You can plant trees in your residence, colleges, workplace and probably also spread awareness in your locality to plant trees.