We all love to eat the food grown in front of us with our own hands leading to the most important factor called urban gardening. Urban gardening has become one of the most trending topic nowadays as most of the people have started their own balcony garden, terrace garden or windowsill garden in the lockdown according to their availability of space. Its during the COVID-19 lockdown that most of us have been scared of purchasing the food from outside, so their was a lot of awareness spread by the government and other health departments that its better to start growing your own organic food at home.

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The following are few benefits of gardening:


The food grown at home is healthy since its organic which means harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides are avoided to yield the fruits but manures, kitchen waste compost[khaad], vermicompost, or any see-weed solution is used as a fertilizer for growing and egg mixed with oil, neem oil, or fermented curd is sprayed over the plant as pesticide.. The food grown at home is grown by ensuring the well-being of the family rather than any commercial idea of getting more produce. By growing our food we can lower the chances of getting health issues such as diabetics, cholesterol, hypertensions or any other kind of breathing problems. Apart from these problems one can also reduce the chances of gaining weight as its scientifically proven that one gains weight due to the vegetables grown in unfertile soil quantity or cheap chemicals used for growing. 

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It is world-wide noted that kitchen waste contributes to 40% of the total waste and 6% to global warming. Urban Gardening at home has drastically reduced the contribution of kitchen waste in the total kitchen waste collected over from all households and thereby, reducing chances of global warming. Most of the people who are not constrained of space usually started setting up humungous compost bin (khaad bin) or pot(matka) for collecting daily kitchen waste in order to add these decomposed kitchen waste to the plants as fertilizer. This way of reusing kitchen waste for gardening at home had reduced plethora’s of kitchen waste collected all over the world every day.

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Fitness is divided into two types-Mental fitness and physical fitness. By gardening you can attain both the types of fitness. In today’s urban lifestyle most of us have been very busy or pre-engrossed with many thoughts always running in our mind but after a busy hectic day, when we take a break and observe at food or any plant growing in front of our eyes and with our hands, it gives us a lot of ecstaticness and it also relaxes and calms our mind thereby making us mentally stable. It’s also often noticed that people in today’s world have less of physical work and probably this might be one of the reason for people being physically weak, so if you have your own vegetable garden you will definitely have a little physical activity everyday as there are lot of activities associated for growing your food right from sowing seed to harvesting them.

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Psychologically most of us have this typical tendency of appreciating our own work, rather than others hard work for the same piece of work done by them previously. It always happens that when we do the work done by others in their absence, we understand their value of them in better way. The same way when we purchase  food grown by a farmer we don’t value his hard work and just keep wasting food a lot but if we grow it for ourselves ,nevertheless we don’t do it as we will definitely have the idea of the amount of hard work we have put in to harvest our food successfully. So I often think its better to grow our food as somehow the resources are not wasted but are used productively. 

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 Farm fresh food is one thing that most of us love to eat so obviously our garden food that’s being harvested freshly is one thing that gives us a lot of aesthetic pleasure. It’s that one happiness that nobody can explain until experienced by oneself. So, I request all my readers to start gardening as soon possible with whatever resources that are available with you currently ,it could be a small windowsill garden as well and I’m sure you’ll love gardening once you start it.  I WISH YOU ALL HAPPY pruning shears beside green gloves