Do You Know How Money Controls Your Life? by Akhila M


How money traps your life and what you can do to avoid that!

A lot of people want to earn a lot of money and buy all the things they have dreamt of. I’ll tell you the story of what happens after you achieve this!  

A lot of people think that the more money you have the happier you are going to be, which is not true money does not contribute to your happiness and I feel that happiness comes from within and happiness comes from being grateful for everything that you have. Money is not going to get you happiness in the long term, it’s just going to kind of trap you.

So there’s a really popular saying that says what you own, own you – which means that people sort of run behind earning a lot of money to buy all the things which they don’t need to impress the people who don’t like and that’s why you get stuck up. 

For example:- A person who’s started growing in his job and making lot of money, and brought a lot of expensive things in his life at a very early stage instead of saving, he brought all these expensive things. He brought a car for 50 lakhs, it just not 50 lakhs the value of the true cost of the car kind of comes from all the tension that comes with it, all of the accessories that you have to buy for it, of this stress that you kind of gather for parking it here and there or people scratching it or maintain it later.

So it’s just a cycle which you get trapped into and you know we spent a lot of money and you have to spend money to maintain it and you have to get a job which is gonna pay for all of it. And some many people are stuck up in jobs and they’re running around every day they have stress, anxiety, they don’t have good relationships with their partner or parents or friends because they sort of want to earn a lot of money to maintain all of these things that they want. 

So basically we are born to do jobs that we do not like to buy all of these things which we don’t need and will bond all these things for us to get validation from other people who we shouldn’t care about.

Don’t get into the entire riot of owning things because things eventually are just going to end up owning you and you’re going to be under so much stress and trouble. I have some friends who buy everything either on credit cards or personal loans or look at other people on social media and then they want their status to show up to other people because they care about other people’s validation too much. So they end up buying too much on loan and EMI and they’re always troubled because they are stuck up with their jobs, crying because they work day and night. After all, they have to maintain all of these things and it’s just sad.

If you are buying something, question yourself all of these things- Why do I want it? Do I need it? Or I just wanted?, or you want to show it to people or because my friend has it and I wanted to? Do I need this in my life?

All that you should do is spend your money on either improving yourself (learn courses, read books) be a better person or you should spend on traveling because it helps you in growing. And stop worrying about other people’s opinion, stop doing jobs so that you can have stuff in the future, it’s not gonna guarantee any happiness for you because you are going to get all these things which you have to maintain in the end and the troubles gonna be on you.