Everything about Holy Sanskrit Language by Harika


Sanskrit, a language of divine feeling and a feeling related to a god. Many of the spiritual books are written on Sanskrit only later converted into other languages. Sanskrit is an example of a perfect holy language that has clarified to humanity in an incredible way of gaining God. 

Sanskrit is derived from the Sanskrut. In daily language, it is changed as Sanskrit. However, the ungrateful people, particularly the different rulers before the independence period are endeavoring hard to destroy this celestial language. The common man can’t perceive the genuine outcomes of their Sanskrit if it is destroyed. The Sanskrit language has been made by God to help the whole human race and our future generations should not believe that on account of our carelessness we permitted the Sanskrit language to die. In this manner, it is basic that we should embrace the task of the undertaking of propagating the Sanskrit language in the society at an exceptionally way of broad scope and think about it as our prime obligation to research more about our ancestors. 

Origin of Sanskrit language

‘While portraying the means of making a step of Sanskrit language, few individuals from with western impact say that at first, we should realize that the ‘sound is discharged from the mouth’. The sounds got changed into signs, signs into images, and images into letters. The rundown of letters in order, things for different articles got thus made and even accordingly, the Sanskrit language was additionally shaped. Some people may believe that the “Sanskrit was made through the purpose of God. After the making of people, God Himself gave everything that was important to people. Not just that, God made plans for everything that would be required by individuals over the span of time. Indeed, even before making the universe, God made a heavenly language that would be helpful for individuals for accomplishing last freedom called moksha. This holy language is Sanskrit”. In the era of Treta yuga, human beings lost their capacity to retain knowledge that was beyond the words incredibly. Subsequently, so as to empower epitomized souls to accomplish the last freedom of moksha with the help of words, Lord Datta re-created the Sanskrit language.

During the Satya yuga, Treta Yuga, and Dwapar yuga, Sanskrit has remained as the only language of the entire universe. Therefore, it was termed as ‘Universal Language”. Even during the era of Kauravs and Pandavs, again Sanskrit has remained the sole language of the universe.’

Breakdown of Sanskrit – The Creation of other languages 

After the Kauravas and Pandavas Mahabharat war, Vaidik for example the general domain of brahmins started contracting gradually, and subsequently, the Sanskrit language also got broke down and through its different flawed territorial pronunciations, languages got created through Sanskrit. This is the reason that one can run over parts of words, in different languages like English, which are like the Sanskrit language in the aspect of words. For e.g., in Sanskrit Cow is called as “Gow” which looks similar in words.  

Sanskrit has more Synonyms 

Sanskrit has a lot of synonyms when compared to other languages of course in other languages synonyms are created only from the Sanskrit. The Sanskrit language has a custom of giving multiple names. For example, the ox has more than 70 names, an elephant has more than 100 names, the lion has more than 80 names, Gold has more than 90 names, Lord Vishnu has more than 1000 names, Lord Shiva has more than 10000 names out of which 1800 names are mentioned in the holy text.

The Sanskrit Language not even has a single inclusion of the abusive word

‘We miss the mark and fall short of words while describing the well cultured-ness of holy Sanskrit language. Regardless of having a huge number of words, this language has excluded a solitary word with the significance of ‘kulup’ means a lock. What could be the purpose of this? So as to empower students to pay his Gurudakshina, an offering to Guru, Kubera, the God of wealth had showered gold coins everywhere throughout the province of Raghuraja. However, not so much as a solitary gold coin was picked up by any of the residents! There was no instance of burglary in the state and along these lines, there was no custom of putting a ‘lock’. There is no incorporation of abusive words in the Sanskrit language. There is just a single word ‘Mudh’ called mad, which can be distantly considered as an awful word! The well cultured-ness of the language gets assimilated into the people who use it; in this way, one wishes to state that, ‘Learn Sanskrit and be all-around refined – susanskrut. That’s why our grandparents suggest that learning Sanskrit from early childhood makes the person in the right way. Of course, in this drastic society need that too!