Hi friends once again welcome to the Great professional editing platform today also you learn hi beautiful and wonderful marvelous photo editing tutorial process total explained step by step You Can Follow the steps you can create professional Hunter photo editing with excellent look it’s completely e look like a natural photo so let’s get started


Today our editing title is freedom to the parents because in this professional photo edit completely explained about the Giving freedom to the parrots it’s really amazing and also looking superb so if you want to edit photo like my sample photo just completely follow my instructions you can edit your pic very easily and also super professionally so lets gets to start the process

Now you can first take one picture like I will show that sample photo completely look like that you can take the picture and remove your background perfectly after weaving remove your background you can save that picture in a PNG file in your phone after you that you want some PNG files and background to edit your photo so under files giving that link so you can download and saving your folders after that steps you can use that file now you need 3 years I am the one PicsArt and Pixlr and photo master now you can open the picsart app

Now take your pic before you can crop the background and saved the pure PNG photo after that you can take download background I am already given that backgrounds in links so so you can download and open that background after that you can paste your PNG photo I am already shown that same above sample photo now you tell me at the parrots as the sample photo comparative down and one parrot is up it’s look like you giving to to freedom to the parrots so after that you can create a adjustments to get a professional look after you complete your adjustments now you can add the colour filters you can add some colour filters I completely now you can look the photo is awesome it’s look like Ariel photo


Now you can edit your photo professional by using my steps so you can edit more pictures like professional you can continue to visit our website you will learn more valuable information a photo editing thank you for coming