How to deal with that malignant colleague around us? by Harika Mahalakshmi


A work environment is something that we spend significant time of our lives in. Actually, when we take a gander at a run of the typical day, it is significantly about our work and how we set all other things that else to along it. That is the reason one ought to consistently choose an occupation that they would enjoy doing. However sometimes, in some cases, you have picked an occupation that you think about your fantasy one, you could never realize who sits close to your work space and how they end up being.

Work colleagues are different from friends are not quite the same as genuine friends. Despite the fact that you can vent out nearly anything to you genuine companions, just a friend at work will have the option to relate with you when you state how your leader doesn’t consider any of your thoughts. 

However, when the person close to your table or somebody from your group, is the individual who you need to yell about, that is when workday gets extremely troublesome and it may likewise wind up destroying your whole work understanding. 

Here are the few different people you’ll find

  1. Someone that is controlling you.

If someone is trying to control you with the superiority to you either with work level or with knowledge or sometimes even use age by showing their upper hand. Be sure and say them what exactly you are and let them realize. 

  1. Someone that who always puts you down or trying to put down.

If that person is pleasant to you, yet they simply put you and your work down at whatever point they got an opportunity. This may at first put your self-assurance under a throw and consistently leave you questioning yourselves. 

It is ideal in the event that you never permit it to occur, yet in the event that you end up with an person like this, figure out how to disclose to them why you are accomplishing something and why you would like to do it as such, in short. Never give them an excessive number of clarifications and consistently realize when to cut their sentences off.

  1. Someone that looks up and makes up a negative outcome of every situation every time.

There is a tiny line between the healthy sound and wrong sound. In the event that the manager gives them more work, they bluster about how they’re so unfeeling and when the manager gives them a little lesser work, they at that point feel that they don’t think of them as sufficient. Thus, this individual won’t just make their own carries on with troublesome yet additionally drag you into antagonism by continually bringing it up before you. 

What’s more, what you ought to do when such an individual opens their mouth, is reveal to them that you wouldn’t have any desire to hear it out right now since you are taking a gander at the more brilliant side of the day and solicitation them to remain away. At the point when you do it two or multiple times, they will understand that you have defined a limit for them.

  1. Someone that is manipulative on you and plays mind games with you.

Does that malignant colleague cause you to accomplish something that you totally don’t have any desire to do? You didn’t do it since they constrained you, however you were always manipulated by them or rather controlled into doing it. They play mind games and cause you to accept that they are your well-wishers. 

You should initially notice such conduct in your mind since it probably won’t be a simple thing. afterwards cut them off right when they attempt to settle on your choices and changing decisions.