Teenage is the best, crucial and difficult phase in everyone’s life. In teenage we tend to face a lot of problems relating to our relationships, break ups, weight gains, studies and always trying to prove parents and reaching their expectations leading to disappointment’s. Teenage is the best time as we have blissful life but still most of our teenagers make it the most bitter part of our life because of few mistakes, leading to unhappiness in our teenage.

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So, here are few simple tips to have the BEST TEENAGE:


Taking right decisions in teenage play a very significant role and most of the time it so happens that many teens fail in taking correct decisions. In teenage we are in a mentality that what every decision we take is right and so are not ready to accept what others say or in the either case it happens we think let’s give a try and see what happens or it might become fashion, that we want to do that because our friends or cousins have done that previously and end up regretting. For example, most of the teenage boys have a fantasy of maintaining a girlfriend because his friend has one and start flirting with many girls until they find a girlfriend. So, as days their butterfly days are gone, and people change referring to breakups and they end up realising about the wrong decision they have taken in teenage. So, according to my perspective teens should take right decisions at right age by which I mean we should think twice before taking a decision as we can’t get back days that already flew or if we are not able to take right decision we can take the opinion of someone who is reliable and elder to us .

Its okay to fail in anything ,nothing wrong to fail but never take emotional decisions that are harmful to you ,because everything is learning in Teenage.

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It’s often observed that in teenage we neglect our studies and sometimes end up getting absolutely worst scores in exam and when parents ask we try either hiding or lying about our marks in exam because we all know that we couldn’t fetch up to their expectations. This is all done by us either out of fear of getting scolding’s or parents becoming strict about education. So, its suggested to not lie to parents as they are our well-wishers and would always shower us with love and would always think to provide us a bright future as in teenage. we are not in a position to think what’s good or bad for our future.

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In teenage we are all under tremendous pressure of weight gains. In teenage we always want to eat everything we love to eat but are worried about our figure. In order, to control weight we try to control food as we are very conscious about the critical comments passed by friends and family when we move out with them.

I suggest that eat right, enjoy the food you’re eating. You don’t have to sacrifice your food for the remarks given by somebody else but just make sure that the food your eating is healthy as it keeps you fit. Just remember that teenage is the best time to enjoy your food because probably in future you will not be able to eat the food as maybe as you grow older your body might not support. Speaking about gaining weight, you can avoid it by doing proper exercise of about 1 hour daily.

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I am one of you Hope this helps you!!

Cheers!! All the best, have a bright future ahead.