Hi friends once again welcome to the Great professional editing platform today also you learn hi beautiful and wonderful marvelous photo editing tutorial process total explained step by step You Can Follow the steps you can create professional Hunter photo editing with excellent look it’s completely e look like a natural photo so let’s get started

Today aur photo editing title ise Hunter photo editing because is totally look like a hunter you can look this picture you can identify why I can select this title because this picture on man can hunt the rabbit with a gun and he comes how to the forest it’s totally egg rate amazing look if you like ok this picture I can follow the steps you can also create same look like the above photo

First of all you want to edit your pic like a hunter photo editing type you need some Android apps and also some PNG files Android apps is picsart and pixel lab and photo editing and PNG file for 3 files number 1 15 August background number 2 to rabbit number 3 e gun 3 year full HD photo editing using PNG files first of all you can download I am telling that 3 PNG files by using the link you can download that files and save your mobile now now then start the editing

Now first you can take a picture like ok they about style already I am giving the style in that sample picture you can also take that picture look like a sample photo it’s easy to to edit the the hunter style so so you can take the picture and now now you can open the picsart app now you can select your picture and remove your background and you can change your picture 2 to a PNG file now you can save that PNG file and your gallery now you can open the picsart app now you can take already downloaded PNG files and files first you can take the background file and in the file you can paste your photo as like I am showing about the the sample photo you can n taste the same style and same length and same measure then you can and at the rabbit at the right hand and you can add the gun the left hand now you can adjust the the pictures and placements you can totally just that picture now you can save after you can save now you can add some colour filter first of all add a green colour filter because it’s totally green background so at a grey colour filter in land and blue colour filter in sky you can totally complete adding the filters now now you are professional hunting photography is ready its look like amazing and its look like a national photo not like a editor photo so you can share that photo on your social media accounts like WhatsApp status Facebook Instagram and everywhere you can get super following because of the super hunting photography effect so you need this type of more photographs just bookmark my website and continuously visit no posts thank you