Is Schooling Really Important? by Samhitha Vootkoor


This particular question has been a moot point for a long time. While some say education is important, and the way you procure doesn’t matter. On the other hand, some say that traditional schooling is quintessential for one’s overall growth.
While the coronavirus is coursing through the veins of the world, the schools are shut and the education came to the online platforms. This made everyone to brood over this question more than ever.
When education is at your mouse click then, why does one needs to go to school? Google and Youtube became the classrooms and, many e-learning websites became the teachers. While this fulfills the basic education demand, we fail to realize that school is much more than pedagogy.
School is a temple of learning, this might sound like another cliche, but it is the gospel truth. The entire process of going to school involves not only just the learning process and the textbooks but a lot of other aspects. Waking up early and going to school on time is your first lesson of punctuality. Listening to what the teacher says and obeying them will teach you obedience. While writing your assignments and homework might subject to apathy, doesn’t that contribute to attaining a responsibility and dedication.
You might be a septuagenarian, yet the memories of your school days will be as fresh as a daisy. One of the biggest reasons anyone loves their school is friends. The school helps you build a social network and gains you friends for life. It helps in laying a foundation for communication skills. In a world of 7.8 billion people, how would you survive without the social skills? Those PE classes were tiring then but, later in life, you realize how important exercise for you to be healthy.
While some argue that school is not necessary. One can acquire all those skills at home. Reading books and attending online classes might give one knowledge but it doesn’t help in overall development. On the other hand, the phrase “Parents are the best teachers” is right but doesn’t fit in all cases. They might teach you to walk and talk, but working around the clock to make the ends meet, they can barely dedicate a specific teaching time. Although they play a major role in shaping one and help in honing our decision-making skills, the essence of school is ought to miss somewhere.
Cavemen did not go to school, yet they survived is the argument of many. Well, they are called “cavemen” for a reason. Without education, we might as well be in caves, rather than the big buildings.

In conclusion, all schools may not impart practical knowledge and dump the textbook in our brains but going to a school and interacting with many people is grist to one’s mill. School is not just a building enclosed in four walls, but it prepares a runway for us to take off and fly with colors in the future. As such, a school is nothing without teachers so, big bow and salute to all the teachers out there