Is Social Media Making You Feel Bad About Your Life? by Akhila M


During my childhood Social Media wasn’t really such a big deal. Well, we did have Orkut for a while, but it didn’t really occupy a lot of our time and when Facebook was introduced, we started obsessing about social media more and with instagram it completely went ‘Rogue’. Like everyone else being addicted to social media, as is the GenZ. They deal with a lot more compared to us. Social media does have a negative effect when you choose to  perceive what you are being exposed to in a negative way. Ever heard of the term called Digital Minimalism?

‘In short, it means to stay online for a limited amount of time along with cutting yourself away from toxic energy or people online’. 

  1. One major thing that bothers people is seeing these ‘Perfect Lives’ online which makes them feel less of themselves. A lot of people perceive these picture perfect lives as constant remind of how imperfect their own lives are. Most emotions revolve around the feeling that people are being “Productive online and  constantly Posting or Creating things or Travelling and so on and so forth”.

We feel less of ourselves because of subconsciously comparing our lives to these perfect lives. But the thing is that people usually post the best versions of themselves online. Regardless of  whatever happens behind the camera, they portray the best version of themselves. So these are perfectly Curated Lives . If feeling better about yourself in this instagram perfect life is the source of your happiness, I won’t judge you for it. But one things clear is that people might be do this as a source of their satisfaction but at the end of the day we owe it to ourselves to be content and not let it get it us.

  1. An add on to what effects  a lot of people  are the   Perfect Houses, or The Cars etc,. 

This could  either make you take it in a positive way / motivation to work harder and if you really want it then work towards it or you  take it in a  negative way and you feel bad about yourself but the fact of life is that no matter how your house looks right now,  your true happiness is going to come from within, you can have all of these things and still be unhappy. So why compare? It is unreasonable to compare. You just need to understand that all of these things do not give you happiness. We all come across famous people commit suicide(R.I.P) or face depression or other mental issues. The good thing is that a lot of people have spoken out about anxiety. All you have to know is that whenever  you go online you see all these perfect lives there will always be a side that you’ll never see or something else happening along the sidelines. So, don’t belittle yourself. Happiness always comes from within.  

  1. I’ve been told that people my age have Flawless bodies, little do they know the effort that goes into these Flawless bodies.

I personally feel like I do not do justice to my body while watching posted every other  day on social media. So everybody has their own journey. Most of the back stories of these fitness celebrities usually revolve around them being bullied or self conscious during their adolescence or young teenage lives. All these insecurities pent-up inside makes you want to just get rid of these insecurities and be the best version of yourself. In my opinion, this journey of fitness looks like a milestone they’ve achieved in their lives, Once you have a taste of working out you never go back to letting yourself go. One of the main misconceived perception of these fitness journeys that the common man fails to see is the years of hard work and dedication that goes with it, which they put on social media for the world to see. 

  1. Another thing bothers me is that a lot of people are like when you’re trying to Grow On Social Media and you’re not able to, because of the algorithm. Some people also use a lot of ‘Click Pages’ or have posts which gain more attention and then the people who are actually work hard, they‘re not able to get the right attention and they feel bad looking at other people. 

I just want to say that you  have your own journey here again you have to stand up for who you are and be true to yourself and you should make your own path instead of following footsteps. If it’s not for you and you should be proud of  the fact that you’re  not resorting to Click Pages or all these essay ways of getting followers or buying fake followers. You get your validation by yourself and you should never resort to  the number of followers you have, the likes/awards you’re getting none of this matters because if your peace of mind is going to depend on all these things you would end up becoming an emotional rollercoaster. Whatever you created, you’re putting it out there that should be your happiness. You shouldn’t depend on anything which is coming back like number of followers , likes etc. because this will always be up and down and it will ruin your peace of mind.

  1. On the other hand there are girls who say that , people show all these Perfect Materialistic Things and they say that we got this and then you want to buy all these things which you don’t really need in your life. 

Ads are there everywhere they’re on billboards, hoardings, youtube ads, you’re walking around their ads, metro ads, bus ads and so on. So, what you  have to do is be content with “Who you are and what you have” you must have that sort of control on yourself. It’s easy to succumb to the wants in life rather than the needs. So should be secure with “Who you are ” and then nothing else is really going to affect you, nothing else can make you buy things which you don’t want. So, only buy things which you actually really need and add value to your life.
In the End I truly feel that if we all start showing our true self online, it’ may have a positive outcome, because other people will get more comfortable with sharing the way they are also with us and maybe it will be like a positive change in the online world.