How to “Think like a Monk” by Jay Shetty


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Here’s what I feel about him!

Two years ago when I was scrolling through my Youtube feed, I found a video of him, it was a monologue video(We were drowning in information). In that video, he talks about Technology vs Humanity. After that, I started following him on Instagram and Facebook. I learned so much through his videos. He talks about gratitude, meditation, overcomes overthinking, empathy, mindfulness, etc. A big part of his passion and purpose is to serve and give the wisdom which he learnt from others. For almost a decade he shared his thoughts on Psychology, Spirituality, Philosophy, and Behavioral Science. 

Watching his videos and learning wisdom had made me a better person than I have been before. Now I started meditation, positively seeing things, feeling gratitude towards what I have, reading self-development books, focusing on personal growth, understanding the conversations deeper, understanding myself at a deeper level, I found the deepest things I didn’t even know I was seeking.

‘JayShetty’-  is now an award-winning host, storyteller, and viral content creator. Since launching his channel in 2016, Jays viral wisdom videos have garnered over 4 billion views and gained over 20 million followers globally.  On  February 14, 2019, my podcast “On Purpose With Jay Shetty” launched, and it’s consistently been the #1 health podcast in the world. Now his first book – Think like a monk was releasing soon on 9 Sept 2020. It’s about 12 Lessons on Training Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day. The book preorder was a huge success, It shot straight to #1 best-selling book in India.

I believe that, if we learn to master the mind, if we learn to navigate the mind, then we can learn to navigate our thoughts and of course master our life.

He says “ You don’t have to live like a monk. You don’t have to dress like a monk. You don’t have to give everything up like a monk. You don’t even have to go live on a mountaintop. You can access the same mindset, the same thinking patterns, the same processes in a simple way in my book.”

Your mind is a muscle, and it can be trained. The 12 lessons in Train Like a Monk are exactly what you need to start. The concepts in this book were all concepts I couldn’t break down into 30-minute podcasts or four-minute videos. Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty is a deep dive into learning each lesson step by step, he adds. 

There’s a famous quote that says “we lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.” Books have had a profound impact on our life. This book is designed to give you the support and guidance you need to take that next step and make that leap you know you want to. 

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His intention was just to share wisdom with more people so they would know they were not alone. They’d see there were more people out there like them, and it would make a difference.