Mahendra Singh Dhoni-A Paragon of Excellence by Samhitha Vootkoor


MS Dhoni, who in entire India wouldn’t know this name? Little did we know that a four-minute video would break the hearts of 1.3 billion Indians. The tempest of his retirement announcement put all of us in dismal. As we are making a step ahead by celebrating the 74th independence day we are leaving behind a man with a vision, with great tenacity to achieve heights and also the apple of our eye MSD.  

Tantamount to guarding behind the stumps in the cricket pitch, he also served in the army and guarded us from the borders. He attained the rank of Lieutenant colonel and also contributed to the Indian Army. India is eternally indebted to him for his services.

The movie MS Dhoni- An Untold Story has told everything that has to be said about him. The rags to riches story, a pump operator son who was to become India’s favorite is known to each one of us. The facts, his records, and his achievements are all over the internet and are available through one click. Now, something that we all must know is that the life of Mahendra Singh Dhoni teaches us a lot of things. So, here are a few lessons that one can learn from him.  

Obviously, no one can match up to his splendid wicketkeeping, that marvelous helicopter shots, daring decision making, humility, and whatnot. But, here are certain things that one can learn and imbibe to maintain balance and happiness with oneself.

  • Always follow your dreams and never give up

It is easier said than done. Often on the path to accomplishing your dream, one will encounter several impediments on their way, the only thing to keep in mind is “never give up.”.Imagine if dhoni was content with the ticket collector job? the world and India would miss a spectacular cricketer. It is his perseverance and his passion for cricket that has made him what he is today. He also taught us that your economical status doesn’t matter, all you need to be is rich in zeal and the determination to do something. He might not have been born with billions of money but now he has won billions of hearts. 

  • Presence of Mind and Decision Making

2016 T20 World Cup, it was a nail-biting match, few Indians have lost hope already. But, soon the tensed ambiance turned into a pool of joy as Dhoni stumped Sabbir Rahman and India won by one run. His lightning speed, presence of mind, and agility have made that moment historical. This is just one of the many incidents from his amazing wicket keeping career. His presence of mind is the reason for his reflexes to be very quick. 

The DRS is often known as Dhoni Review System. Most of the time Dhoni is correct by his decisions. If he takes a review then, 90 out of 100 times it won’t be wasted. This, clearly evinces his trust in instincts and his presence of mind in the match as such delivering the quintessential decisions. His decisions standing on the position of the captain of the Indian Cricket team also made him one of the best captains India ever had.

  • Attitude- Calm and Cool

Captain cool is what we call him, and it completely justifies his persona. Prime minister Narendra Modi in his letter mentioned that, “No matter what hairstyle you sported, your calm head remained the same in victory or defeat, which is very important for every youth.” 

During the match, before and after he maintains a cool and calm nature which is the best thing one could possess. Ostensibly, he responds to a situation but doesn’t react, it is one of the biggest takeaways for many of us. He lets the other young players enjoy the winning match celebrations and faces the lambasts by the press when a match is lost without losing his mind. His attitude and leadership qualities are an inspiration to the youth and, adopting these would definitely help one develop as an individual. 

In conclusion, these are just a few of many things to learn from Dhoni. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his 16 years of cricket career have left an indelible mark on every Indian.  “Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lift the World Cup after 28 years!”  this commentary by Ravi Sastri cannot be erased from the minds of every Indian. His retirement marks the end of an era. He might have retired from the cricket but, all the Indians will never retire from loving him. 

MS Dhoni is not just a cricket player, he is an emotion to every Indian. Thank you Dhoni for your remarkable service.