Manichandhana Velmula – Social Media Influencer


Manichandhana Velmula – Social Media Influencer especially for Telugu people and the south, An inspiration to young girls out there. What she says is – Work until your name becomes a brand!!

After My interaction with Manichandhana, if you ask me what is the kind of person she is then here are some adjectives for her

  • Simple and Honest
  • Full of hardworking and passionate
  • Talented of course beautiful with capturing looks where cuteness overloaded
  • Open-hearted and free soul with full of smiles

If you did not hear this just hurry to check her profile

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Youtube Channel

Life is not easy for a girl especially when she has to do what she loves, this exactly means working towards your passion.

When I talked to her these are some interesting facts known about her. The girl has this goal in her mind that she has to earn on her own by the time she passes her teenage. She is doing it now as a social media influencer on Instagram but her passion is big and the way she is putting all things together makes her best. She has her dreams to become Air Hostess but after her matriculation, as she is not having much awareness about that due to lack of proper guidance and some societal limits and judgments she crushed her dreams unknowingly and continued her passion towards lifestyle. she joined Intermediate as everyone and then she has given her NIFT entrance where she missed with some very less marks but she didn’t stop to explore her opportunities in fashion and Joined Hamstech and continuing her journey as Fashion Influencer especially in the South. 

The last interesting thing guess what she is an awesome classical dancer and given her many performances and won prizes check out some awesome images below

Check out this picture below the background has been designed on her own, this shows her dedication towards passion

Telugu lifestyle influencer especially in fashion and vlogs. If you are a lover of entertainment then this is for you Ni pakkana paddadi chude pilla nadi nakkilesu golusu dance cover one of the best dance videos by her and you can find more about her on her youtube channel.

Some of her instagram pictures for you: