Mysterious Lord Shiva Temple Built By Ghosts


The temples in our country have a very great history. Many temples have been worshipped by the devotees since thousands of years. In our eternal dharma, due to the faith in the god and great devotion…

Most of the temples in our country were built by either kings or devotees and have been worshipped uniquely. Our Puranas have been saying that a few other temples were built by the deities. The devotees believe that by visiting the gods in those temples…

The one will get rid the sins of all the births and acquire happy life along with the virtue. Till now you have seen these type of temples. But you will get shocked if you listen to the temples which iam going to say now. Why because… that temple was not built by the devotees, kings and not even by the deities. But was built by the ghosts themselves.  Yes , what you hears is true. The villagers are saying confidently that the temple in their village was built by the ghosts.

 Where is the temple which was built by the ghosts?

Who is the god residing in that temple?

What is the history of that temple?

To know such things, we have to go to Karnataka state once. Bommavara village is located between Doddaballapur and devanahalli in Karnataka. In this village, there is a temple of Lord Shiva called Sundareswara temple. A few years ago, this temple was built by the ghosts. 600 years ago, this temple was haunted by many ghosts it seems. They used to torture the villagers there a lot. To reduce their attack, Buchchaiah became the sorcerer by learning black magic. Buchchaiah was a sorcerer but he was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. With the great devotion towards Lord Shiva, he thought to built him a temple… Struggled a lot and built a temple with the help of those villagers. But the ghosts which do not like to built the temple in that village… Overnight they destroyed that temple. Due to that, Buchchaiah became furious and worked hard for a few days… He captures all the ghosts with his black magic power. When those ghosts requested Buchchaiah to release them… he said he would leave those ghosts on two conditions. Those conditions are….

One is… You have to rebuild the temple overnight which you have destroyed. And the

Second one is… again they should not torture anyone in the village.

The ghosts which accepted to these conditions have built the temple overnight. They are showing the idols on the top that temple as the proof. Generally, there will be the idols of gods or else beautiful statues on the temples. But there will the idols of the ghosts on the top of this temple. Those villagers are saying that as it was the temple built by the ghosts, they carved the idols of ghosts on this temple. Due to some reasons, the temple was built at that time… but there is no idol enshrined in that. 50 years ago, a Shivalinga was found while digging the mud from the pond. That Linga is about 8 feet height. Bringing that Linga, they enshrined it in the temple built by the ghosts. As Lord Shiva is known as Bhootnath…. If they enshrine the Shivalinga in the temple built by the ghosts… Everything good will happen and the villagers have decided. So Shivalinga was enshrined in the temple built by those ghosts…

and named the temple as Sundareswara Temple. As there is no other Shiva Linga in that state with so much height… due to the history of this temple and a huge Shiva Linga enshrined in this temple… their village not only acquired a special recognition… that are saying that… visting this god, one could be blessed by that Lord Shiva. Do not know whether this temple was really built by the ghosts or not… I think it is better to respect a few beliefs which were rooted deeply in the people.