Must have things in a girls bag


Bag! It is most important in our daily life ever since people have something precious to carry along with them. Bags come in various shape and size, different colors and styles. Now I am going to suggest few things that must have things in a girl’s bag. Trust me; if you do not have one of these items in your bag, then you are not ready to step out of the door. 

  • Safety pins

   Safety pin can do much more than just your clothes together when the seam is ripped or      button is lost. Carrying a safety pin in your bag, can save your day.

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  • Make up bag

Carrying your make up related things in a pouch makes so easy for you in organized ways of that so that whenever you want something to take no need of searching in your hand bag, so keeping couple of things a side is better. Also carry moisture cream to get away of skin dullness. 

  • Wallet 

Adding a wallet in your bag which makes things accessible rather than juggling around your bag its waste of time. This type of wallet helps you to keep money and cards safely to give for a shop keeper or an auto driver.

  • Perfume 

A perfume will make sure that you smell good as all the times. Better to carry a small size perfume so that you feel light weight of your bag. This is super important that every woman should have in her bag. Carrying perfume is very good so that you can avoid the bad smell and sweaty smell, you can also feel comfortable.

  • Sanitizer 

For the present situation sanitizer plays a key role. Must and should carry the sanitizer to clean your hands whenever your hands become dirty and touches the few things like dropping out from an auto or cab or car. They keep your hands germ free.  Not only do they look cute and smell awesome.

We like to keep ourselves clean so this is must.

  • Water bottle and Snacks

Carrying a water bottle which makes you not to dehydrated and also good for your skin. Drinking more water makes your skin glow and not let your pimples comes out. When you go out we feel thirsty so better to carry water bottle and some snacks. Carrying some dry fruits or biscuits it helps in your travelling many are not interested to eat outside food or junk food. Dry fruits or fruits takes little amount space in our bag to carry, so don’t forget to carry.

  • Pepper spray 

It is must and should in your bag. It is the powerful weapon for the girl when she steps out. Now a day’s situation is very bad, there is no security for a girl when she goes out. Some are the other like brother and father or mother should be with them in some other situations like when they go out at night times.

8. Mobile phone and Charger or Power bank 

This is very important to carry with us. We cannot move out without a mobile. It helps really good to know unknown address or if your late to home then you can firstly inform to your family members. 

These are the some of the important things that a girl should carry, but everyone will have their preferences and priorities.