Proofs Of Today’s Science And Technology Used In Ancient India.


Is the technology which we are seeing these days and expected to see in future used by our Indians earlier?

Do our ancestors invent things like airplanes, rockets, video calling, test tube babies in those days?

Is the present modern technology is been developed based on few wonders  mentioned in the History?

If  it is the question…..   We feel the answer is ‘Yes’.

What is the connection between the technology used by our ancestors and the present day modern technology?

Are the modern scientists taking our Puranas as inspiration really?

The flight journey became compulsory  for a foreign tour and to reach the destination at high speed. We have been saying that in 1903, Americans called Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane, But its wrong .

The historical evidence exists proving that these Puranas were written before thousands of years. It means those ancient people had knowledge on airplanes, not only Knowledge…

Everyone will come to know that they also know the process of manufacturing the airplanes…

On verifying the manuscript called Vaimanika Prakaranam by Maharshi Bharadwaja. Based on this manuscript, in 1895, teacher and engineer Shivkar Bapuji Talpade. Evidence shows that he had built an airplane called as Marutsakha and travelled for some distance. It was mentioned in our Puranas that in ancient days, the people visited the other worlds which were located outside our universe in few days. Means at that time, the people also had knowledge on spaceships. That too on the spaceships which could travel at the speed of light.

Now our modern scientists have been struggling day and night to manufacture this type of spaceship.

At that time, a few sages and deities were able to go from one place to another within few minutes. Now our modern day scientists are calling it as Portal Dimension. Present day scientists are not able to discover this technology. The scientists are believing that if they achieve this technology, the entire world will undergo a huge change. So, tremendous studies have been going on all over the world.