Schooling be Ananya M


 School days are that part of life which most of us would like to get back once we are done with the schooling but sometimes it so happens that the students do not like the education policy followed by the school and that’s where they start abhorring the school. There are few schools which have a play way methodology and follow few unique education policies which gain the interest of child. So, I think by making few changes in education policy of each school, every child’s schooling would be a memorable one.

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The following are few unique policies by which my school was a completely different school and that’s where I’m sharing with you all today:


There was no-uniform in our school, we could wear civil dress. We had no uniform since the school wanted each child to have their own individuality according to the child’s interest. The school didn’t want each child to look alike but wanted each student to have their own identity by their own dress. The school wanted each student to be comfortable with what they’re wearing than the comforts designed by school.

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There were no term exams conducted by school up to 8th class, but they assessed the students according to chapter wise tests which were based on grades but not marks. Exams were not conducted up to 8th class in order to reduce the pressure and tension given to little ones. Chapter wise tests were conducted in the vision to make children perfect in learning the subject in small chunks. The moto of the school was LOVE TO LEARN AND LEARNING TO LOVE.

love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man


We had numerous of extra-curricular activities apart from studies, such as pottery, art and craft, dance, western and classical music, needlework, fashion-designing, drama, French, German, flute, table, home-science, and many more. There was wide choice given to students to ensure that every student gets to do the task of their personal interest.

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After 8th class we had the choice of choosing between sciences or commerce. This was done to give opportunity to students who wanted to pursue any different career option rather than the routine ones. Choice of subjects were given from tender age to develop good basics.

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Right from the day one, when the child is a toddler to the child leaving the school after 12th class, a child is been grown as a good citizen of the country. The child is been made to learn a lot of moral values, patriotic songs and chanting many types of holy Sanskrit songs such as few verses of Bhagavat Gita.

Apart from these, the child is also taught about the importance of various traditions in India and how to have a control on his emotions by doing meditation.

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