Things To Learn From These 5 Animals….


Every person will have a strong desire to reach a higher position in their life and many will also hard work in that way. In their  trails, some of them will get succeed and reach their desired target but some of them will get disappointed due to small troubles they come across and ruin their lives. Instead of that, to reach the desired goal in the life of every person one must adopt few qualities from other people. Regarding this, Chanakya suggested few things to humankind. Generally, many people will follow the famous personalities to get achieve success. It is not necessary to follow only great people for the good things which area useful for our life.

 Chanakya explained that the good characteristics exist not only in human but also in animals. If we are able to learn those good things from them definitely, we will reach the prominent levels. I am going to tell you 5 among the things suggested by Chanakya.

  • Lion is said to be the king of the forest. No one gave that position to that lion but achieved it after struggling. Even if it is going to hunt the strongest animal it will attack the targeted animal, fight with self-confidence and kill the animal with just one hit. The characteristics of the Lion includes the strong determination to reach its goal and fearlessness. A person must adopt such characteristics. Even when the strongest people disturb while reaching the goal, Kautilya said, without getting afraid, one must reach their goal with strong determination.
  • An elephant can carry the heavy object to any distance with patience. The elephant symbolizes royalty and honour.  So in a same way, every person must carry his patience whenever he comes across any problem and reach his goal. Similarly, whatever and in whatever position you are you have to earn a special recognition and honour for yourself and you should maintain diginity in front of everyone, said by Chanakya.
  • Dogs- we see the dogs in the houses of several people through our streets. They are the symbol of faithfulness and active nature. Even when the owner offers very less food, the dogs would feel happy with that they not only faithfulness to him but also move all over the house actively. Similarly, even the people should be faithfulness to their owner working actively at any time, when they get appreciated by their owner. Then there will be more chances for them to reach their goal, explained by Chanakya.
  • Crane- we can see the crane birds mostly at the ponds and streams. These birds will stay with patience at the ponds until they find the fish as soon as the fish comes to the convenient place for the crane, it will catch the fish in the blink of an eye. Similarly, people should wait without losing their patience either in the case of jobs or anything else. The chance will definitely come to such people who have been waiting with great patience likewise, holding it carefully, one must move ahead in life.  But should not be hurried when the things are not happening as per their desire. Even if you lose the chance which came to you instead of worrying, you have to wait with patience until you find another chance.
  • Crow- crows are considered as the symbol of unity and continuous effort. Even if a single crow among the flock gets hurt remaining crows will gather there and start cawing. Since the time after waking up at the early dawn.. until evening. It will be searching for food or repairing its nest. Human beings must be united. When problem occurs either to the members of their family or the people in the society. The person must help them and also extend support. Even in you reach your goal in your life. If you have earned enough money for u and your family, instead of putting end to your effort thinking it is enough you have to continue your life either by learning a new things always or else by doing some work because nobody knows how the day.. Tomorrow will be. There will be no problem if good happens to us. Due to the unexpected happenings, you should not get into the troubles.

Reaching the higher position in our lives, let us live honorably in the society.