To every girl out there…


To every girl out there, this may help you for sure because these are the voice of people at your age, gender and like minded people. I have penned down this article by taking my time for 2 weeks.

If you are a parent of a girl definitely should read this.

Let’s focus mainly on one thing that the problems girls face at the time of marriage..

  • If she is in love with a guy, she has to convince her parents(which varies from person to person) and their families.
  1. Will my parents support me after marriage if I get any problem?
  • What if it is an arranged marriage, do you know how they think and what are their fears before you start seeing a match for her?
  1. Does he look good or not?
  2. Will he take care of me?
  3. Does he have a good job or not? What if he loses his job can he look after me without a job for at least 1 year?
  4. What if my marriage cancels after engagement?
  5. What if he leaves me after marriage?
  6. What should i do after marriage if he not takes care of me?
  7. Can i survive without depending on him?
  8. Does he likes me if i become mother of two girls or he likes only sons?
  9. What if he leaves me after I fell for him before marriage?

Above are just some questions that runs in a girls mind before she gets married………….there are many like some hundreds of questions.

Before reading the other part of article remember this quote forever, this is simply awesome – 

“Change what can be changed, accept the pain that cannot be changed, live by your values” – Credits WHO (World Health Organisation).

Opinions of different girls include my sisters and friends……….

These are the different opinions of different girls, you can read twice to cross check and verify did you people miss anything!!

Everyone got their own problems it is all about how we deal with them at the end of the day.

Remember the quote that I have mentioned before you have read about these opinions!!

Dont worry about that you cannot control, for example what should I do if he leaves me after marriage or if he dont take care of me?

Be ready with your tools like this before marriage:-

  • First you don’t agree for marriage if you don’t like, not easy but wait for your turn may be it takes sometime thats it.
  • Second you should be financially independent so that you cannot lean on your husband completely
  • Without support of your husband you should be able to live, this doesn’t mean that you should do job what I mean is you should have enough skills to get a job, thats why Education is very important for a girl.
  • Never afraid of your future just be strong enough to face situations in life because we never know what happens in life.
  • Never forget that your safety and happiness is important than any other thing in this world
  • I am not encouraging dowry but you should need some assets on your name for sure because that helps you alot and makes you stronger

Hope this article helps girls and many boys who want to marry or many boys who don’t have any idea about what girls think and fear in their lives and what they expect from their better half. 


To every girl out there life is not easy for you, just get ready with skills needed!!

All the best for your future!! Take care !! keep smiling………………..!!

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