Untold History Behind The Holiday On Sunday


Why do we have a holiday only on Sunday among seven days of the week?
How Sunday became a holiday?
From the children going to the schools to the employees who are doing the job…
Everyone would wait for Sunday which comes once in a week. Spending the whole week with their busy schedules in the daily life… we would like to take rest on Sunday which is a holiday. But have you ever thought… How Sunday became a holiday? Most of the people do not know the correct answer to this question. Now I will say you the answer….

There are two main reasons for having Sunday as a holiday.
what are those reasons?
In all the religions, everyday was given a special importance. According to our Hindu traditions…
we also call Sunday as Ravivar. our mythologies said that Surya(Sun) is the ruler of this day.
In our tradition where Sun is worshipped as the visible deity… people used to do special adorations and fast to please him. likewise, in our Hindu tradition, a special position was given to Sunday. Similarly, even in the bible which is a sacred book of Christianity, Sunday has a special recognition. The Bible says that Christ who is the crucial man of Christianity came alive from the tomb on the third day after his death. As the day he came alive is Sunday… So every year, the Sunday which comes after Good Friday is called as Easter Sunday. So, Sunday has become a special day even for the Christians. The religious leaders of Christianity who thought that as the people are going to work daily… They are not spending time with their families as well as praying to god. With the thought that everyone should have a holiday in a week. On that day, the people should worship the god along with their family and spend the day happily… As Sunday is a sacred day… They decided to declare that day as holiday. While the rulers at that time have implemented this rule…

Before the Britishers occupied our country, Sunday was considered as a sacred day but… There was no rule that they must be a holiday. Long ago, people in our country used to do agricultural works mostly. After the Britishers occupied our country, they used our people as Labours for the various works they have started in our country. As they get money daily, many people used to go and work under the Britishers. Meanwhile, nobody was able to spend time properly to resolve the issues emerged in the society. Due to this, when several issues have emerged in our Indian society… with the intention that everyone should have a holiday in a week to resolve those issues… On that day, all the people should come together for the social reform… Narayan Meghali Lokhande who was a pioneer demanded the Britishers to have a holiday on Sunday. But they used to make our people work as a slaves without implementing that system in our country. Narayan Meghaji who came to know this… He raised a slogan that in our country should have a holiday on Sunday in 1881. As the Britishers did not accept his demand, he initiated a movement While the movement continued for 8 years… In the final stage, turning into a great movement… Thousands of people, all the Indians started to revolt in the leadership of Narayan Meghaji. At that time, social activist Jyotiba Phule extended his support to this movement led by him. In the Satya Shodhak Sanaj led bt Phule… Narayana Meghaji worked as a collegue.. Acquired a special recoginition for himself… and became the close person to Phule. With that familiarity, while Phule also extended his support to the movement led by Narayan Meghaji…

The British government which came down due to that movement announced a holiday on Sunday in 1889. Even in our country, Sunday has been declared as a holiday. Our government which recognised the intense effort of this great leader… In 2005, it has released a postal stamp honouring his memory. So, friends This is the history of a great movement behind Sunday on which we have been enjoying with our family and friends today.