Who decides the expiry date of a woman’s dream?


Dreams are only the feeling that lasts with us for a long time… it is a common thing in every one. Most of the women are to be deciding to leave their careers after marriage. Why Woman dreams of having an expiry date every time, not the men… women are always supposed to bend to the will of the dreams of those around us. It reminds the same from the years…. of course, somewhat it is changing but up to an extent. Why?
Have an aim.
Be ambitious.
Stand on your feet.
Be independent.
We all have heard these strong motivating lines in our life and still listening. However, these are not so valid for women.
For women, having a dream means getting married at the right age.
Be ambitious means, giving a home to man.
Stand on your feet means, should be aware of all the household chores.
Be independent means, dedicate your life to others.
Women are not the things to mold as one wants.
When we talk about a woman or a girl in general, everyone pictures her like a pushover. She is molded easily the way they want. And that’s what happens with their dreams too always. Women’s dreams are also constructed at every stage of their life by different people, not on their own. Nobody cares about what they want or what their dreams are. Because the ultimate goal of a woman’s life should be to get married and have kids, right? And then there is the full stop to every woman’s life. Dreams are shut down forever.

Men have goals too. Why Nobody asks men to quit their goals and to sit at home and look out after household. We created the image in our minds like that. It is changing in the 21st-century rules and regulations book not practically in a woman’s life.
Actually, we live in a society of hypocrite. We want education for our girls. We want jobs for our women. We want to see every woman standing tall with the men all the time in words. But once she steps ahead from a man, we are always there to pull her away from her dreams. Because we live in a society of patriarchal.
A progressive nation is not only about Technologies, It is also about being progressive in our thoughts and decisions too. we need to change mind & perspective for a better place of our women.
We are women, we are humans with our dreams. Don’t give up!!!